Thermometers (Infrared, no contact thermometer)

CEN0023-KKINSTRUMENTS 350V2 SERIES 500c MAINTENANCE-FREE Standard Infrared Thermometer (D:S=8:1/Laser)


This is a reliable infrared thermometer. With the gun like shaping, users can aim laser indicator to the measuring target just by instinct. Celsius or Fahrenheit can be set through switch. Laser can also be turned off by user's preference.


  • DS ratio: 8:1
  • Simple one-hand operation
  • Laser targeting
  • °C/°F select switch
  • Laser ON/OFF switch
  • Backlit LCD
  • Display hold function
  • Automatic power off



Range: -20~500°C; -4~932°F

Accuracy: ±2% or ±2°C(3°F)

Resolution: 0.5°C; 0.5°F

Distance to Spot (D:S): 8:1

Resopnse Time: 500m sec.

Emissivity: Pre-Set at 0.98

Battery: 9V x 1

Dimensions: 157.5 x 115 x 36mm

Weight: 200g

Warranty: 1 year



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