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KKI0007-KKINSTRUMENTS CP-501 SOCKET TESTER (MADE IN UK) he Buzz-It 230V Check plug is a fast and easy way to ensure 13 Amp UK sockets are wired correctly in the same way as the CP501 check plug pictured and described above. As well as showing socket faults by the three neon indicators, the Buzz-IT Check plug also gives an audible signal when the wiring is correct. This allows for awkwardly placed, or not easily visible, sockets to be checked hassle-free. The Buzz-it socket tester can also be used as a basic fuse finder - when the correct fuse is... Socket testers
SEW0057-KKINSTRUMENTS TEL-1-3 230V UK PLUG SOCKET TESTER (WITH ELCB FUNCTION) Socket tester with ELCB function. UK plug.  Check photo for specifications. Socket testers