BANTE 821 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Bante821 is professional dissolved oxygen meter designed for

outdoor applications. The meter is equipped with a polarographic

sensor for measurement of dissolved oxygen concentration or

percent saturation in water.




1 or 2 points auto-calibration (100% in saturated air or air-saturated

    water, 0% in zero oxygen solution).

Automatically compensates salinity and barometric pressure after

    manual input.

Selectable readout in ppm, mg/L or % saturation.

Selectable either temperature units between degrees Celsius (°C)

    and degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures high accuracy

    of measurements.

Manual temperature calibration provides accurate temperature value.

Calibration due reminder prompts you to calibrate the meter regularly.

Automatic endpoint function freezes the stable measured values for

    easy reading and recording data.


Help message as a operational guide to helps you understand how

    to use meter.

Setup menu lets user customize calibration points, temperature units,

    date and time to meet measurement requirements.

Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 500 readings.

Built-in real-time clock stamps stored data to meets GLP standards.

Stored data can be transferred into computer via USB communication



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