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Greenlee is proud to introduce the 701K-G6A, a fully upgraded version of their powerful Greenlee 701K industry standard professional Tone and Probe cable pair tracing kit. The 701K-G6A Tone and Probe kit offers superior tracing for low voltage applications such as telephone, data, and security alarm wiring.

  • New - LED headlight for improved viewing in dark rooms, cabinets & man holes.
  • New - Headset jack allows headphones to be used in noisy environments.
  • New - Provides an audible and visual continuity tester for short circuit testing.
  • New - External warble - select alternating 890/960 Hz
  • New - Improved - DC input voltage protection.
  • New - Large angled bed-of-nail alligator clips

Included in the 701K-G6A kit is the 77HP-G6A (Alligator Clips) high power Tone Generator with short circuit checker, the 200EP-G Tone Tracing Probe, an RJ11/45 coupler, alternate flat/spade plastic and round metallic probe tips, and a durable nylon case.

  • Features:
    • Fast, accurate wire identification
    • Sends tone to identify wires
    • Two distinct tone signatures
    • Polarity indication
    • Continuity test
    • Talk battery supply
    • Adjustable volume control
    • Visual signal strength indication
    • Large speaker and headset jack for use in noisy environments
    • Recessed tabs for headset or telephone test set connection
    • Flat/spade plastic and round metallic probes
    • Two test lead sets:
      • One terminated with an RJ11 plug
      • One terminated with two large angled bed-of-nail alligator clips
    • Three colour LED identifies AC ring voltage
    • Battery: 2 x MN1604 (9V, 6LR61, PP3) not included
    • Battery life (nominal): 50 hours
    • Rugged industrial design
  • Supplied complete with:
    • 77HP-G/6A high power tone generator
    • 200EP-G inductive amplifier probe
    • RJ11/45 coupler
    • Flat/spade plastic and round metallic probes
    • Rugged woven polyester carry case
    • Operating instructions


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