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Created on: 30 May 2013

Advanced Linear Digital Plan Measure The recently updated Scale Master® Pro XE makes it easy to do Linear, Area and Volume takeoffs with speed, accuracy and confidence when estimating, bidding or planning. Use it on plans, blueprints and maps as well as out of scale drawings. It has 91 built-in Scales; 50 Imperial (Feet-Inch) units and 41 Metric, (including ten custom scales for out-of-scale drawings) for maximum versatility with architectural, engineering and civil scales. The included PC Interface cable lets you transfer rolled values from the Scale Master® Pro XE directly into commonly used spreadsheets or estimating programs, saving countless keystrokes, saving time and reducing the potential for costly transcribing errors. It helps you: Complete takeoffs with speed and accuracy Reduce errors in estimates and bids Improve productivity and maximize profitability Create permanent record of dimensions and values Interfaces with PC spreadsheets or estimating programs For: Contractors, Estimators, Engineers, Landscapers, Pipeline Builders, Excavators, Concrete Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC, Fencing Specialists, Telecommunications, Cable System...

Category: Temperature
Created on: 30 January 2014

New ultra low temperature data logger, records temperatures as low as -86°C. The Cryo-Temp can be used in a broad line of applications such as monitoring blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods and shipping containers. This stand-alone device does not require any additional probes. The enclosure is designed with a handle for easy attachment and is splash proof. It utilizes a USB docking station to communicate with a personal computer. (USB docking station sold separately) The Cryo-Temp provides date and time stamped temperature readings and uses the MadgeTech Data Logger Software. The user can view the data in graphical or tabular form. High and low alarm limits and high and low warning limits can be programmed through the software. The user can set the alarm limits in the range required for the goods to be maintained. The warn limits can be set to alert the user when the temperature is nearing a high or low alarm limit. The Cryo-Temp is equipped with three LEDs. The green LED will blink every 15 seconds while the recorder is logging. The yellow LED will blink every 3 seconds when the temperature has breached the warning limits. The red LED will blink every 3...

Created on: 01 February 2014

Split Core current switch, monitors 1.5-250Amps, sensor trips at 1.5Amps. Switch can be used for both AC and DC circuits.

Created on: 13 May 2014

Earth Clamp THE C.A 6415 MODEL HAS AN ALARM FUNCTION (BUZZER IF THRESHOLD IS EXCEEDED) AND A MEASUREMENT LOGGING FUNCTION Each Chauvin clamp-on earth resistance tester is delivered in a carrying case with one 9V battery and a user’s manual. Chauvin Part No: P01122013  

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Created on: 14 December 2017

Product Description 1.Larger LCD display with backlight. 2.Relative time clock on MAX MIN and AVG provides a time reference for measurement. 3.Pressure, velocity or air flow measurement provides Zero Adjust. 4.Display pressure, Air velocity or air flow plus environment 5.Temperature simultaneously. 6.Easy to calculate the area of a rectangular or circular duct. 7.USB interface, USB to UART Bridge Controller.. 8.Low battery indication, and Auto Power Off mode (Sleep mode) increases.     Specifications: Manometer Accuracy ±0.3%FSO (25°C) Repeatability ±0.2% (Max.±0.5% FSO) Linearity/Hysteresis ±0.29% FSO Pressure Range ±5000Pa Maximum Pressure 10psi Response Time 0.5 Seconds typical Over range Indicator OL Under range Indicator -OL   Units Range Resolution PSI 0.7252 0.0001 mbar 50.00 0.01 inH2O 20.07 0.01 mmH2O 509.8 0.1 Pa 5000 1 Air...

Created on: 22 October 2014

Features:  4 digits LCD display Auto range for all function Test hold function for easy operation 50/100/250V for insulation measurement Up to 100GΩ for insulation measurement 0.01Ω for lowΩ range Up to 20MΩ for resistance measurement AC/DC voltage measurement AC/DC current measurement Capacitance measurement Cable distance measurement

Category: Infared
Created on: 23 October 2014

CENTER 352 is an DS ratio 12:1 infrared thermometer. With the gun like shaping, users can aim laser indicator to the measuring target just by instinct. Celsius or Fahrenheit can be set through switch. Laser can also be turned off by user's preference.

Category: Gas_Detectors
Created on: 23 October 2014

CENTER 382 is a perfect tool for air-condition system maintaining. The operation interface is intuitive with button, light bar and sound. The “air sucking system” greatly help the sensitivity and response time. The “auto-reset”  function can help the operator to distinguish the leaking spot among the already spreading refrigerant while maintain high sensitivity.