*New* - The PDS Air™ partial discharge surveying tool from HVPD represents the very latest in handheld PD test technology. Incorporating a digital TEV-dB display and external airborne acoustic probes, the test unit provides the 'first-line of defence' for the early detection of PD activity in MV cables and plant from 3.3 kV to 45 kV. Rapid, 'look-see' insulation condition testing is possible through the unique combination of three PD measurement technologies: HFCT, TEV and Airborne Acoustic.

The PDS Air™ handheld test unit meets the requirements of both utility and industrial MV plant owners for a simple, portable, and easy-to-use handheld PD screening device for use by all operational staff in the substation. The unit is recommended for use in Phase 1 of the HVPD 4-Phase PD Test and Monitoring Solution which requires PD pre-screening of 100% of the network.

Benefits include

  • Digital TEV sensor measurement with numerical LED display.
  • The only handheld PD test unit in the market to combine 3x PD sensor technologies (TEV, Acoustic and HFCT) in one device.
  • Measurement of PD in metal-clad switchgear/plant with airborne acoustic sensors and accurate digital TEV-dB measurements.
  • Measurement of PD in picocoulombs (pC) in power cables with a split-core HFCT sensor (connected around the cable earth).
  • Test times of 3-5 seconds per plant item or cable, enabling large numbers of MV plant items to be scanned for PD quickly and easily, prior to diagnostic PD testing.
  • Lightweight & portable device with an easy-to-understand, 7-level, colour-coded PD display.

How it Works

The PDS™ Air incorporates three individual PD sensor measurement circuits to detect different types of PD activity HV plant and rotating machines:

CT - High Frequency Current Transformer - Cable PD activity is measured using the external, split-core, High Frequency Current Transformer (HFCT 100/50) sensor, which is attached to the MV cable's earth straps.

TEV - Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) - PD signals are generated by internal PD in metal-clad switchgear and plant. The unit provides digital TEV-dB sensor measurement in the form of numerical LED display measured in 1 dB steps from 15 to 50 dB.

AA - Airborne Acoustic - Acoustic PD signals are generated by PD in air and can be detected using the unit's airborne acoustic sensor with sound demodulator and standard headphones. Optional accessories enhance both the flexibility and range of detection of these airborne discharges. These include an Indoor Acoustic Probe (PDSIAP), an Outdoor Parabolic Receiver (PDSOPR) and Peltor Headphones (PDSPHP) which are suitable for use with PPE hard-hats.

The outputs of these PD sensors are displayed on 3x colour-coded universal LED scales.

In addition the PDS Air™ unit has a digital TEV-dB numerical display from 15 dB to 50 dB. The Guideline PD Levels vs. Plant Condition / Action for each LED level are shown below.

PD Level Indication Key
LED 1 Green
(Plant OK)
LEDs 2 & 3 Yellow
(Moderate PD - Monitor)
LEDs 4 & 5 Orange
(Moderate to High PD - Investigate Source of PD)
LEDs 6 & 7 Red
(High PD - Test & Restrict Access)

PDS Air™ with Parabolic Acoustic Receiver measuring PD activity in outdoor sealing ends Optional Indoor Acoustic Probe in use with Headphones.

PDS Air™ Standard Scope of Supply

1x HVPD HFCT 100/50 Sensor and 2 Metre BNC Cable HVPD HFCT 100/50 Sensor and 2 Metre BNC Cable
1x 100 kHz High-Pass Filter High Pass Filters
1x Headphones Headphones
1x Mains Battery Charger Mains Battery Charger
1x Car Charger Car Charger
1x User Manual User Manual
1x PDS Air™ Inspection Test Pad and POA Label Pack PDS Air™ Inspection Test Pad
1x Soft Carry Case Soft Carry Case

HVPD PDS Air™ - Optional Extras

PDSIAP - 1x Indoor Acoustic Probe HVPD PDS Air™ - Optional Extras
PDSOPR - 1x Outdoor Parabolic Receiver HVPD PDS Air™ - Optional Extras
PDSPHH - 1x Peltor PPE Headphones (PPE Suitable) HVPD PDS Air™ - Optional Extras
PDSPOA - 1x Extra Set of 100 Point of Attachment Labels HVPD PDS Air™ - Optional Extras
PDSACC - 1x Accessories Carry Case Packaged According to Accessories


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