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This totally new HOBOware for Windows supports all HOBO U-Series loggers, including HOBO Water Level and HOBO Pendant loggers; Onset's HOBO Weather Station and HOBO Micro Station; and incorporates valuable new capabilities such as scaling data to sensor units and saving graphs so they can be recalled and used in the future. In addition, HOBOware Pro includes Post-Processing Assistants, for Growing Degree Days and Grains per Pound. The USB Interface cable is included with the HOBOware Software.

HOBOware Software Features

  • Supports Windows Vista Business and Home Editions
  • Supports 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Default Delay Start Time is set to next even hour
  • Toolbar Wraps when needed
  • Applicable Toolbar icons disabled when no Plots are Displayed
  • Icons added to Menu Items
  • Offload logged data or check status while logging
  • Validations on date-time selectors in Launch Dialog and elsewhere
  • Print Graphs
  • Print Preview
  • Subset Statistics Tool (Pro Versions Only)

HOBOware™ Software Differences (Pro features not available in Lite)

1. Support for Serial Loggers ( Weather Station and Micro Station )
2. Support for U-Shuttle or Waterproof Shuttle
3. Option to add Data Assistants
4. Option to Add Tools (Alarms)
5. HOBOware™ Setup Assistant
6. Text Import
7. Default Action on Plug Items
8. Selected Preferences changes to Accommodate Above Items
9. No Time-Saving Options
10. Plots by Default are Displayed with no Points Table or Details Pane
11.Subset Statistics Tool

HOBOware Windows® System Requirements

  • Compatible with Windows 7 (Pro, Ultimate, Home Premium), Windows Vista (Business, Home Premium) and Windows XP (Pro, Home)
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6
  • 256 MB system RAM (512 MB recommended)
  • 3.5 MB free disk space after installing the Java Runtime Environment
  • USB port required for U-Series loggers
  • Serial port or USB-serial adapter for HOBO Weather Station, HOBO MicroStation and HOBO Energy Logger Pro System.
  • 1024 x 768 (minimum) display resolution, 256+ colors


HOBOware Lit


HOBOware Pro

Support for U-Series Loggers
Support for HOBO H-Series Loggers  
Support for HOBO Weather Station and HOBO Micro Station and HOBO Energy Logger  
Support for HOBO Conductivity Loggers  
Configure HOBO FlexSmart Modules  
Support for HOBO U-Shuttle and HOBO Waterproof Shuttle  
Launch Supported Loggers
Launch Time-Saving Options  
Graphing and Analysis with Ability to View Multiple Data Files on One Graph
Cropping A Series  
Merging Data Files
Readout and Open-File Time-Saving Options  
Filters to Extract Key Series Information
Subset Statistics Tool  
Save (Project) Changes
Import ASCII Text Data  
Export ASCII Text Data
Export Directly to .xls (Excel) Format
Check Logger Status and View Current Readings
HOBOware Setup Assistant  
Data Assistants for Grains per Pound, Growing Degree Days, Linear Scaling, Pulse Scaling and kWh (Included with Software)  
Bulk Export Tool  
Ability to Add Plug-in Tools (ie Alarm Readout Tool)  
Access Remote Loggers Through Ethernet (Requires Supported Ethernet Server)
Support for HOBO U-30 GSM Station Logger  
Automatic Export Preference  
Support for MAC OS 10.5
Enhanced Data Formatting Capabilities  
Import Files from HOBOLink  
Includes HOBOWare Real-Time Alarm Readout Tool  


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