Kyoritsu 8205AMultifunction and Safety Testers demo panel

This demonstrative panel is intended to demonstrate the use Multifunction testers and specific instruments like Continuity, Insulation, Earth, Loop and RCD testers of Kyoritsu.
The panel simulates an electrical installation with TT and TN distribution systems, easy selectable by a switch on the panel.
The tests that can be carried out are:
Continuity Test of Protective and Equipotential conductors
Insulation Resistance Test
Earth Resistance Test (Volt-Ampere method)
Earth Loop Test, including Prospective Short circuit Current (PSC) and Prospective Fault Current (PFC)
RCD Tripping Test
Dimensions 300 (L) × 400 (W) × 80 (D) mm
Weight 2.5 kg


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