Hioki AC Grounding Hitester 3157-01

0 to 1.8 Ω Protective Grounding Tester for Electrical Equipment and Large-Scale Electrical Installations

The Hioki 3157-01 is an AC ground bond tester designed for protection circuit testing of a wide range of electrical equipment, including industrial machinery, medical equipment, and measuring instruments using a constant current system, enabling it to provide stable output current.

The 3157-01 is not capable of performing measurements by itself. Please purchase two units of Current Probe 9296 or one unit of Current Probe 9296 and one unit of Current Apply Probe 9297, depending on your measurement application.

• Easily perform protective continuity testing in compliance with international safety standards and laws
•Protective continuity resistance measurement for medical devices and general electrical devices
•Ground connectivity testing when installing electrical machine tools and distribution panels
•Test protective grounding and isopotential grounding work for medical equipment
•Evaluate contact status using large currents
• Feedback control system capable of applying a stable current even with a fluctuating load
• Soft-start function checks connection to the device under test before applying current



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