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Category: Datalogger
Created on: 23 May 2013

Features One button operation - Click and “GO” button instantly starts logging and recording. TWO standard interfaces - Mini USB and SD card for easiest direct communication with your PC - no added interface required. Large display w/ one button backlight - For easily viewing data in poorly lit areas. Longer battery life - Designed to conserve energy for data recording without interruption. Up to 3 years battery life. Standard battery (AA) replaceable by user. Larger memory - Collect up to 2 million measurements. FREE Programming and Analysis Software Fully protected data Rugged design for everyday use

Category: Multimeter
Created on: 20 February 2014

0.5% Accuracy. Overload Fuse protection. Test Clips/Direct insert jack for easy measurement.

Category: Adapters
Created on: 21 February 2014

TC with tube and plug NiCr-Ni Space measuring tip for smelting probe Measuring range: -200 to 1250 ° C

Created on: 18 May 2014

Model No.: : ST-105 Product Description - Statistic analysis. - 24HR measurement. - Integral measurement. - Real time analyzer in 1/1 and 1/3 octave band. - Simultaneously measures A, C, Z and F, S, Impulse. - Measurement function: Lxyp, (Lxyi), Lxeq,1s, Lxeq, T, LAE, E,Cpeak+, Cpeak- , LAFmax, LAFmin, LAFeqT, LASeqT, LAIeqT, Laeq(20Hz~200Hz). - USB Datalogger with 128 records capacity. - Real time clock with calendar. - Sampling Frequency: 20.8us(48KHz). - Wide Frequency range: 10Hz~20KHz. - Wide measurement range: 25dB~140dB. - Wide dynamic range:90 dB. - Fast, Slow, Impulse, PeakC+, PeakC - A /C /Z Frequency weighting. - Optional mini-printer for the analytical result printing. - 5 Languages software (English / Chinese / Spanish / German / Italian) .

Category: Adhesive
Created on: 21 February 2014

Improves heat transfer in surface probes Maximum temperature: 260 ° C

Category: Anemometers
Created on: 21 February 2014

Volume flow calculation up to 99,990 m3/h Temperature measurement Ideal for measurements in ducts Easily read data at any angle with rotating display Telescopic handle to 300 mm Cap rotates to protect sensor against moisture and dirt, 118 in long telescopic handle

Created on: 18 May 2014

Model No.: : ST-107 Product Description - Fast, Slow, Impulse response time. - Frequency range: 31.5Hz ~8KHz. - Measurement range: 30dB~130dB. - Dynamic range:100dB. - A/C/Z frequency. - Storage up to 32,000 records. - USB interface. - AC and DC output. - Bargraph display

Created on: 21 February 2014

1.5 volts Comes in a 4-pack