T&R DMO600 Micro-Ohmmeter

600A Digital Micro-Ohmmeter
The unit has a powerful output capable of driving 600A through 20m output leads yet weighs only15.8kg

Suitable for production line applications - pass/fail limits can be set and the unit can be entirely controlled through the RS232 port.

T&R Part No: 231


Building on the very popular DMO200, the higher current output DMO600 is a world-class micro-ohm meter. The DMO600 features pre-settable test currents with 3 programmable buttons to easily set frequently used test currents. The test current can be set to any value between 10 and 600A. The output is smooth dc, and the current is maintained at the pre-set level.

A USB keyboard and USB memory key are supplied with the unit for data storage. All test results can be written to a spreadsheet file on the memory key and opened on a PC for analysis & printing. The unit features an optional current clamp to allow accurate testing of circuit breaker contact resistances with both sides of the circuit breaker earthed.

The DMO600 is also available in a rugged pelicase with standard 3m leadset Part Number 231P.

T&R DMO600 Micro-Ohmmeter Features

  • Universal supply voltage 90 - 265Vac.
  • 0.1µΩ - 5Ω measurement range.
  • Colour screen.
  • 10 - 600A dc pre-settable test currents.
  • USB data storage with keyboard.
  • 3m output lead set included.
  • Settable pass/fail limits.
  • Rugged insulated case.
  • Optional current clamp for fully grounded testing.
  • Dimensions: 380 x 314 x 211mm.
  • Weight: 15.8kg, (Lead set and accessories in case: 27kg).
  • T&R DMO600 Warranty: 1 year.

Included Accessories:

3m 95mm² output cables, 3m sense leads, mains lead, earth lead, T&R DMO 600 user manual, USB keyboard, USB memory key, lead case.


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