Smoke detectors

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Created on: 19 September 2014

New electronic smoke tester from Germany - Quality Workmanship The manual measurement of smoke count, which has been used for decades, is history. The new electronic will replace the time-consuming determination of smoke count used up to now. This new technology not only offers more convenience, but also a degree of precision never before achieved in this price class – high-tech for trade experts. Whether as a tough tool for flue gas measurements on all kinds of oil burners, or as a starter instrument for new tasks in service and maintenance – the testo 308 is fast, system-compatible, extremely reliable and always ready for use. Pure compatability The measurement data can be transferred flexibly to the flue gas analyzers testo 327 and testo 330, as well as directly to a Pocket PC or laptop via IrDA. There they are processed further, together with the flue gas analysis values. And of course the smoke count values can be directly transferred to the printer and printed out. The special benefits: Automatic, digital smoke count measurement to one decimal place according to1. BImschV. More security due to a heated measurement spot. Display of smoke count based on reference...