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OT1000 Data Logger

Category: Temperature

The MadgeTech OT1000 is a temperature data logger with a flexible external probe. This device was designed to monitor and record the cooking and cooling of meat products.

The OT1000 is made of Tecaform®, with a convenient mounting hook. The device is rated IP67, making it splash proof and easy to clean. The OT1000 is simple to use, just activate the logger, insert the probe into a meat product, and then with a couple clicks of the mouse data can be downloaded to a PC for analysis.

The MadgeTech data logger software efficiently provides users with the tools necessary to create reports and analyze data. Electronic records can then be saved for future reference. The MadgeTech software includes temperature flags which can be set up to indicate the HACCP cool-down temperatures and calculate cool-down rates. These flags help to create a quick reference for insuring that meat has been cooked and cooled properly.


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